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For the last year or so, I've seen so many celebrities rocking baggy, wide leg jeans. I pondered, I debated. These jeans look so cool and hip, but was it just celebrity allure? We all know this; sometimes there's fashion that only the A-listers can pull off. And these wide leg pants are a little more out there than your standard skinny jeans or mom jeans. But, thanks to TikTok, I saw that plenty of girls are wearing this trendy denim and they look just as good as the celebrities!

I bought the hyped-up Zara Jeans (link below) and when I first tried them on, I was crest-fallen to find out they were like 4 inches too long on me! But, luckily these jeans already have a raw hem, so they're meant to be cut to your personal fit. An easy fix!

Here's the link to the jeans: Zara Jeans (I got mine in "Light Blue")

Soon, I'll share the simple method of how to cut the jeans on my social media! Stay tuned!


Hey ya'll! I have another AMAZING Amazon find to share! As I've mentioned before I've been slowly trying to add to my winter/fall wardrobe. It's pretty warm in Austin most of the year, so I do find myself buying summer clothes way more frequently. But, this winter season has been probably the coldest I've experienced in Texas, so I've been intentionally trying to add some great pieces to wear in the colder months.

I can't believe I found this long sleeve bodysuit on Amazon. I feel like buying clothes on Amazon can be hit and miss and I was a little worried to buy a bodysuit since you really need those to fit in the right way. But, this bodysuit COMPLETELY exceeded my expectations.

The fabric is so soft, very fitting, the bodysuit doesn't sag at your butt (haha), AND it's under $20! I bought mine in the colors A2 Burgundy and A02 White, but I think I might buy one or two more! The quality really is that great. And, I love wearing tight long-sleeves in the cold! Just keeps you super snug!

This bodysuit is definitely something you want to wear with a high-waisted...


I've been wearing my glasses as of late because I recently found out that my eye is allergic to my contact lenses! I'd been having issues with my right eye for months and I had no idea that it was my contacts triggering the problem. Luckily, once my eye is back to normal, I can switch contact lens brands which should resolve the issue!

Anyway, I've been feeling a bit insecure because of wearing glasses, no eye makeup, and right before this I'd been having a ton of breakouts. Of course when it rains it pours, right?

But the other day, when I was in my thoughts, I wondered... why DON'T I feel as "cute" in glasses than when I'm not? I bought some really cute frames a couple years ago, and I typically do wear my glasses on occasion, but NEVER when I'm going out on a date or dressing up.

And upon asking myself this, I realized that all the cute outfits and looks that I see on my Pinterest page or my Instagram feed, are rarely accompanied with glasses. And so, somewhere along the way, I think I just always felt that wearing glasses was reserved for those days when...

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