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My name is Saba :) thank you so much for visiting. This is the home for my creative pursuits and passions: my style + my soul. My style blog is the outlet for my collection of outfits and looks, and my soul blog is the passage to my heart and soul. My hope is that you leave here feeling inspired and supported.

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Scroll to the very bottom of the post for the link to my sweater!

My wishes for cooler weather have finally come true... a cold front has come through Texas and I can finally whip out my fall clothing! I recently went on a quick trip back to the Midwest and in planning for that trip, I realized how little I've added to my fall/winter wardrobe over the past few years that I've lived in Texas.

So, I was on the hunt for a couple of new sweaters, but since I've been so busy I was hoping that I could find something online. I had never bought clothing from Amazon before, but seeing as I have a Prime membership, I knew it would be super convenient if I could find something cute from there. Well you guys, I struck gold!

I know buying online can be hit or miss since you don't have the opportunity to try on the clothing beforehand, but I was so lucky that this sweater fits so nicely!

The sweater is an oversized fit, so it has a slouchy feel and look without being too baggy. It's off the shoulder and the fabric is a thinner knit, so it's a good sweater to...


Life has its ups and downs, there’s no way of getting around that. I believe that life’s difficulties and setbacks happen to strengthen us, to help us grow, and to teach us lessons. We always have a choice in how we navigate through tough times. We can either strap in for the ride and realize that while we don’t have control over the terrain being bumpy, that we do have control on how we steer through the bumps on our journey; or we can choose to engage in resistance, complaining about the bumps, and continuing to look back through the rearview mirror, making us re-live each bump over and over again, instead of looking forward.

In 2015-2016, I went through long-term health problems. I was a completely different person back then and I would easily slip into a victim mentality. I constantly complained to anyone and everyone, I held resentment over why this was happening to ME, and I was always focused on all the negatives about my health. All of which kept me stuck in a cycle where I didn’t expect to get better or to heal, and life would only prove me right time and time...

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Recently, I asked my parents the question: what was I like when I was little, before I started going to school? I asked this question because when we are very young children, we are the most authentic, unaltered version of ourselves. This is because it is before we are truly integrated into society, before any conditioning or programming happens, and before life experiences begin to change or alter our personalities.

My dad said I was like “a ball of fire”. An unstoppable force… feisty, powerful, and extremely confident. When I see home videos of myself at 2 and 3 years old, I see that too. And, it caused me to wonder... what happened to that?

You see, I know that part of me is still within me. Some people still see that true essence of me, like when I’m with my family or my boyfriend… basically when I’m in situations where I feel that it’s “safe” to be ME. But, over the years, I’ve been in many situations (school, jobs, social settings) where I haven’t felt safe being me. Where I’ve felt unwelcomed when I was just being me. Where I’ve actually seen other people get...

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