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About Saba Ghaffari

Saba Ghaffari is a writer and blogger based in Austin, Texas. After graduating from the University of Iowa with a bachelor's degree in Marketing and a minor in Psychology, Saba started her career in the logistics industry, working in corporate roles such as sales, customer service and operations. During this time, she deepened her knowledge and expanded her skills, but she always felt that something was missing in her life. So, she created her first blog as a way to have an outlet for her creativity. It was then that Saba realized her passion for helping people through her writing. When she was just 24 years old, she quit corporate America to pursue a freelance writing career.

Like many others in their mid-twenties, Saba was trying to find her way to live a more fulfilling and authentic life. During her time as a freelance writer, she struggled financially and moved into her parent's house for the first time since she had left for college. But, it was also during that time she landed an editorial internship at a local magazine in Austin, Texas. This solidified her move to Austin as well as propelled the start of her career in the marketing field.

After realizing that her heart was still in writing, Saba created her second website, SABA. This website is the current home for her writing and also a platform for connecting people going through similar life experiences. Shortly after launching her new website, Saba left her marketing job to pick up where she left off with her writing career and to continue her strides in making a positive footprint in the world. Saba’s ultimate objective with her writing is to reach and help people that are suffering in the world through sharing her perspectives on topics such as mental health, relationships, career, and common life experiences.