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Living in the Moment in 2022

Happy New Year! I’m kicking off 2022 with a new blog. Many people enjoy making resolutions or intentions for the year… but this year is the first year that I’m not doing that. I think calling attention to what you want to achieve or bring in to your life is actually an amazing and necessary task to do. But, if you’re anything like me, you’re already a person who sets goals for themselves regularly and is constantly thinking about the future and when those goals will come into fruition. For a lot of 2021, I was extremely unhappy because I was so hyper-focused on what I wanted and didn’t have yet in my life. My goals haven’t changed, so continuing to bring attention to them didn’t feel productive for me this year.

Over the holidays, while Matt and I were out of town visiting family I had the most amazing time. I wasn’t thinking about my to-do lists, my goals, what I was going to do next, etc. I slept the best I have probably in the entire year. I realized that the reason why I felt so happy and was able to finally get quality rest was because I was on pause. When I was away, those moments were about having fun, spending time with loved ones, and not trying to figure out how to get to the “next step”. This realization led to an epiphany. What if I am supposed to be living my life like this even when I’m back in my regular routine?

Easier said than done of course. This morning I woke up feeling anxious and a bit down, the typical Sunday scaries. I could feel my mind shift to thoughts about the upcoming week, imagining scenarios of how it could go, and making mental lists of what I needed to do. Then, after journaling, I remembered that I needed to stay in this moment, stay in the present. I can’t do anything about tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. The future wasn’t here yet and I still had an entire day to do whatever I wanted.

I think we often gloss over that there are little moments, precious details that lead to the culmination of a goal coming to completion. When we are only focused on the goal or the end result, we miss out on parts of our life that we can’t ever get back. Sadly, I feel that way about 2021. Where did the year go? With the exception of times when I was on vacation, most of the year my mind was on the future. And I’m like, woah. Another year of my life passed by and I didn’t really enjoy it. I don’t want that to happen in 2022. I want to have a fun year where I enjoy the little moments regardless if my goals are accomplished or not.

Anyway, I think I’m going to close with that for today. Wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous, and most importantly, FUN New Year!!