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Speaking Your Truth

My blog is back! It’s revamped, rebranded and I’m bursting with so much excitement and joy. It wasn’t an easy, straight path that led here, however. There was a bit of healing journey that I had to take.

I was having mild sore throats on and off throughout this whole year. Naturally, earlier in the year when the pandemic first happened, I experienced a lot of paranoia that it was COVID. But, these sore throats were so different than any I’ve ever had before. They were extremely mild for one, and after a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, the sore throat would disappear. They were accompanied by no other symptoms either which was the other strange component.

I knew that the reason for my sore throats was an energetic imbalance. In my experience, most physical ailments have some sort of emotional reason underlying them. Over time, these emotional stresses and imbalances escalate and eventually manifest in our body as physical symptoms. It’s one of the ways our soul tries to get us to wake up.

Recently, I connected the dots and realized that my throat chakra was blocked. There is so much literature on chakras and energy healing and I am not at all an expert. If you research about them, you will find SO much information and deeper explanation. But, just to give you the cliff notes version for those that aren’t familiar—we all have energy points within our body, and just like hormones, these chakras can get imbalanced. Trauma, fear, and simply emotional distress can all cause imbalances within the chakras.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra point (out of the seven main chakras) and it’s the energy center that gives us our abilities around self-expression and communication. One of the physical symptoms of a blocked throat chakra is—you guessed it—frequent sore throats. The emotional manifestations of a blocked throat chakra include the inability to express yourself, struggling to get your inner voice heard, difficulty reflecting your creativity into the world, and an inability to speak your truth. The interesting piece here is that throughout this year that I’ve been experiencing these sore throats, I hadn’t been writing or keeping up with my blog.

I needed to dive deeper to discover the reason WHY my throat chakra was blocked, and uncover the fear behind it through a meditation. I knew that I was scared to express my creative self and speak my truth. During my meditation, I found out that I was holding myself back from doing so because it made me feel SAFE.

I asked why? All of a sudden, flashes of the cruel, ugly side of social media popped into my head. People being mean to each other, people getting offended, people casting judgement on each other, and people being hurt by other people’s words and opinions. And then, it just clicked. I was shutting out my voice because I thought it was keeping me safe from cruelty and negativity.

But, shutting out my voice was doing more harm—it wasn’t keeping me safe. An analogy would be, being gifted with legs that allow you to walk, run, move—but, instead choosing to stay immobilized because of fear. It’s a suffocating and crippling way to live.

So, I asked God (spirit, creator, the universe, higher power) to heal this fear of mine and to show me what it would feel like to use be able to use my voice AND feel safe. And, just like that, I felt ready, empowered, and excited to re-launch my blog.

It’s so important to listen to our body. To allow ourselves to notice the aches, to feel the pains… because they always have a message to say.

I’ve been taking a spiritual development course called Unlocking Your Inner Hero, which has been a powerful instrument in helping me make these spiritual leaps and shifts in my life. If you’re interested in the course that guided me through the process of discovering my blocks and fears and showing me the tools of how to heal them, visit