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Baggy Wide Leg Jeans

For the last year or so, I've seen so many celebrities rocking baggy, wide leg jeans. I pondered, I debated. These jeans look so cool and hip, but was it just celebrity allure? We all know this; sometimes there's fashion that only the A-listers can pull off. And these wide leg pants are a little more out there than your standard skinny jeans or mom jeans. But, thanks to TikTok, I saw that plenty of girls are wearing this trendy denim and they look just as good as the celebrities!

I bought the hyped-up Zara Jeans (link below) and when I first tried them on, I was crest-fallen to find out they were like 4 inches too long on me! But, luckily these jeans already have a raw hem, so they're meant to be cut to your personal fit. An easy fix!

Here's the link to the jeans: Zara Jeans (I got mine in "Light Blue")

Soon, I'll share the simple method of how to cut the jeans on my social media! Stay tuned!