How to Style Boyfriend Jeans

Today, I'm talking all about Boyfriend jeans! Ya'll. I love these jeans sooo much. I love them even MORE than the Mom jeans I shared in my last post!

These boyfriend jeans are slouchy, comfy, a little bit baggy, but all without the risk of looking ill-fitting. They're the perfect denim if you want something super casual to throw on.

The biggest difference between Boyfriend jeans and Mom jeans? For one thing, Boyfriend jeans sit lower on the hips (below the bellybutton) while Mom jeans are high-waisted. I'd say the other main difference is that Boyfriend jeans have a loose/baggy fit throughout the whole pant; whereas, Mom jeans I'd call more of a relaxed fit than a loose or baggy fit.

Between the two, I like boyfriend jeans a little bit more! Just for the comfort.


Outfit Deets

I'd been hunting for a pair of Boyfriend jeans for awhile before I found these! I had a specific style in mind (distressed, super faded, and LOOSE!) and I actually stumbled upon these on Pinterest. I got them from the Mint Julep Boutique for just under $60 total with shipping. The link is below!

My Boyfriend Jeans

Like I mentioned earlier, these jeans make it super easy to create a casual, laid-back outfit. You can throw these on with an oversized sweater, a flannel shirt, or even a tank top for a warmer day!

But, I wanted to see how I could dress up these pants. I mean this would be a challenge. These pants are baggy AF- how do I make these sexy?

Well, first I paired them with a lacey, satin cami from Express. I got mine in store, but they have so many colors online and they're 30% off! You're welcome.

My Cami

And I really wanted to finish it off with a blazer. I used to have this chic, white blazer. I had it for years, but it kept tearing—cheap fabric, I suppose. I got rid of it and had been searching for a replacement for the last year or so. When I was envisioning this outfit, I KNEW it needed the blazer! Well, guess what I found when I was browsing through H&M? It was meant to be!

My Blazer

I finished off the outfit with some wedges, my clutch, and a high pony. The perfect look for a dinner date. With everyone working from home, we NEED an excuse to wear blazers!

Anyways, enjoy! And if you're following along, reach out out to me if you have any requests for future style blogs!

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