Leather Leggings from Target

I've been wearing my glasses as of late because I recently found out that my eye is allergic to my contact lenses! I'd been having issues with my right eye for months and I had no idea that it was my contacts triggering the problem. Luckily, once my eye is back to normal, I can switch contact lens brands which should resolve the issue!

Anyway, I've been feeling a bit insecure because of wearing glasses, no eye makeup, and right before this I'd been having a ton of breakouts. Of course when it rains it pours, right?

But the other day, when I was in my thoughts, I wondered... why DON'T I feel as "cute" in glasses than when I'm not? I bought some really cute frames a couple years ago, and I typically do wear my glasses on occasion, but NEVER when I'm going out on a date or dressing up.

And upon asking myself this, I realized that all the cute outfits and looks that I see on my Pinterest page or my Instagram feed, are rarely accompanied with glasses. And so, somewhere along the way, I think I just always felt that wearing glasses was reserved for those days when you don't feel like trying or you just want to be comfortable, and not necessarily dress up.

But, yesterday, I was finally able to wear makeup because my eye was looking and feeling way better and I thought, I'm going to dress CUTE with my glasses. I wore my brand new faux leather leggings from Target, and paired it with one of my off-the-shoulder sweaters from Amazon that I talked about in this blog, and beige ankle booties.

I was going on a dinner date so I added some bright red lipstick and I got to say, I felt good! Even with the frames ;)

The links to my leggings and sweater are down below!

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Leather Leggings