Missguided Pink Ruched Mini Dress

Happy October friends! It's been a minute since I've done a Style blog, or any blog for that matter. I haven't kept up with my blogging as much this year and I really want to change that. It's been hard because I went through some rough patches personally which made me lose my passion for a lot of things... including blogging. Perhaps a Soul blog topic for another day... Anyways, that, coupled with having more expenses this year, which I think a lot of people are in this same boat, made it more difficult to go shopping for clothes as frequently as I'm used to.

But, this month things have been going a lot better and I'm feeling more like myself. Matt got me some amazingggg birthday gifts that were on my wish list and so I have been blessed with some new content for Style blogs! Yay!

All year, I've been dying to get a pair of Nike Air Force 1's. I love seeing the trends of pairing platform sneakers with dresses and baggy jeans. Matt got me a pair of the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow sneakers for my birthday and I really love them! I seriously think that they're the most comfortable sneakers I own.

I also sent Matt tons of links to clothes for gift ideas, and one of the dresses he got me was actually one that he found himself! I stole the link from him so I could share it with ya'll - but this dainty mini dress from Missguided is so cute! I'm lucky he knows my taste so well.

I can't help, but feel slightly bummed this time of year because I'm missing the cooling temps and fall foliage of the Midwest. But, I suppose one of the pros of living in Texas is having one more month to wear dresses like these. :)