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Mom Jeans: Day & Night Looks

Mom jeans have been my latest obsession— and also, just looser fitting clothing in general! All throughout high school and college I was attached to my skinny jeans and tight dresses. But recently, this last year especially, I've really gravitated toward clothing that provides more comfort.

Obviously, it's common knowledge that fashion styles are recycled and in recent times, we've seen a resurgence of 80's and 90's trends (along with other decades) in our favorite stores and boutiques. The last couple of years, I've noticed celebrities wearing baggy, but stylish clothes (think Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid) and ever since have been wanting to dress myself into something similar!

So, what ARE Mom jeans?

The name 'Mom jeans' may dredge up some flashbacks of unflattering, unfashionable denim from the 80's and 90's— but, 2020 Mom jeans are nothing like the Mom jeans of the past.

These Mom jeans are high-waisted with a looser fit around the legs and zipper area. They're a straight pant, neither flared nor fitted around the ankles; and, while the fit is relaxed down the leg, it's slim around your natural waist.

The ones I'm wearing are a distressed pair from American Eagle (one of my favorite stores for jeans). They come in at just under $60, but all of their denim is 25% off right now so you can snag them for even less! The link to my pair is below.

My Jeans


How to Wear Mom Jeans: Day vs. Night

For my day look, (first picture, above) I paired my Mom jeans with a white lace bodysuit, Adidas Superstar sneakers, big gold hoops, and a blush pink purse for a subtle pop of color.

Since these jeans are high-waisted, they go great with bodysuits and crop tops. Because these jeans are a looser fit, I opted to go for more of a form-fit on the top, but you can also dress it down even more with a plaid shirt, cardigan, or a sweater. Fall weather hits Texas WAY later than the rest of the country, so I had to keep my outfit summery!

What I love about these jeans is you can roll them up to create a cuffed look that's even more casual, which I did for my day look.

To dress the jeans up a bit for a date night, I switched to a black, cropped cami top (also from American Eagle), black heels, and a sparkly black clutch. I added a wine color to my lips and the look was complete!

The lip color I'm wearing is from Selena Gomez's new beauty line, sold at Sephora. I'm in love with her Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Creams... they feel SO soft on your lips, they're super pigmented and last really well! I only got 2 colors, but I totally want to get more! The color I'm wearing is Strengthen.

My next style blog will be on Boyfriend jeans—another pair of denim that is loose-fitting, but slightly different than Mom Jeans. Stay tuned!

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